• 7-14 oz denim • 2300808-2301414 • Widths 60-69″ (152-176cm)
  • Contents: 100% Cotton • 7-14 oz/sq yd, 240-470 g/sq m
  • Cut Price $11.00/M • Roll Price $10.00/M
  • Cuts under 10m $12/M
  • Uses: apparel, upholstery, bags


Indigo/Raw Denim

  • Width 58″ (147cm)
  • Content 100% Cotton 
  • Roll Price $9.00/m, Cut Price $10.00/m
  • Cuts under 10m, $12.00m
  • Uses: Garments, Home Decor



Denim is an ideal fabric for apparel and is becoming a popular textile in home décor design. Aside from the traditional usage for jeans, jackets, and hats… denim’s durable quality and industrial look is also popular in the construction of bags, aprons, upholstering, and backing of rugs for taxidermy bear rugs.